Welcome to Onio's web café - a homebrewed site inspired by the indie web movement! Leave a message and enjoy the ambiance :)

Café News

Feb 13, 2023: Added a link at the bottom of the links page that links to the last link added to the link directory.

Feb 8, 2023: Added some stuff to the stuff page.

Feb 7, 2023: Onio Cafe is now accessible at the Onio.Cafe url!

Feb 6, 2023: Split the link section into three pages (will be more eventually). Links page now has buttons - if Javascript is enabled, you'll be able to see the button being pressed down when clicking! Also removed some code that may have been slowing down loading times for some users; thanks to Melon for noticing!

Feb 2, 2023: How has a month already passed since starting this site?!

1/27/2023: Added several links to the links page. I'm thinking of creating a separate weblink directory, because I want to make a directory that's filled with helpful and useful links. Eventually that'll happen, and the links section here will return to focusing on highlighting personal sites on the indie web. Until then, I'll continue expanding the links site!

1/23/2023: Added my photobook project page. I shifted my focus last week to looking at a huge collection of photographs I'd been making over the past decade, distilling it down and curating it, and now looking into producing a quality photobook made of these images. Let me know what you think!

1/15/2023: Birth of the $50 club.

1/12/2023: Added some old travel pix for myself to look back at whenever I feel stuck at home.

1/8/2023: Finally getting started with my links page. There is an overwhelming amount of good material out there and I've only added a fraction of the great sites I've found so far!

1/6/2023: "Onio's Answers" replaced by "Onio's Thoughts," a small blog of thoughts and ideas that you're welcome to read and to comment on! If the "eMail" button in the menu hasn't been replaced with a "Hmm.." button, you may have to refresh the page!

1/3/2023: I began building Onio Café yesterday, and want to thank MelonKing, Em Reed, and No Tech Magazine for introducing me to the Web Revival and inspiring me to build this. I only just discovered the Web 1.0 Movement (I know, I'm late to the party!) and it absolutely warms my heart! I forgot what was lost along the way over the past couple of decades, and now I'm having fun on websites again! Very happy with the way Onio Cafe is looking and I look forward to releasing it :) Happy New Year! - Onio

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