Onio Café was created in January 2023, inspired by many hours spent online as a kid, and later as a regular customer of my favorite café where I browsed the web and wrote on my laptop, meeting strangers (irl and online) who turned into friends.

It was also inspired by the indie web movement, which aims to make the Internet free, more personal and fun again. I didn't realize how much character the Internet experience had gradually lost since I first began websurfing in the late 1990s. Upon visiting a few sites on the Low Tech Webring Directory by Em Reed, all the warm, glowy memories and feelings from childhood came rushing back in.

Onio Café is just my little corner of the web. It's my peaceful, unkempt, rustic e-cabin nestled within a large forest of personal domains. It's a garden that I water, trim, and plant new seeds in from time to time. It's my personal playground for my own self-expression. Sometimes it's a doodle pad to draw on, a notebook to jot down ideas; other times it's a journal that I pull out to write in and then forget about for a while, only to stumble back upon it like some sort of timecapsule. Sometimes I'm active daily, sometimes I'm not on here for months; interacting with my website at my own pace is what works best for me. It's here for fellow webtravelers, surfers, Internet adventurers to discover, explore, enjoy and relax. Feel welcome to hang out, leave a comment, maybe stop by again on your way back, and enjoy the site for what it is and at your own pace :)

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About me: Male, born in 90s, live in USA, day dreamer, a bit on the introverted side, studied photography in college, always dabbling with new projects (photo-video-animation-games-synthesizers-art-technology,) enjoyer of quirky things.

Above all that, an imperfect human being with Christian beliefs. I hope to have my mind and heart transformed by scripture, to learn how to truly love God, to learn how to best love and help others as Christ has loved and helped me.