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Indie Websites on Neocities and Beyond

2bit - A very well-done website.

Aegi - This site feels like a cozy adventure. I love the artwork.

A.N. Lucas - Top tier example of the old web aesthetic, with lots of graphics and resources.

Arlita - Blog and personal site of a colorful and interesting person. Their AI-illustrated dream journal is such an interesting concept!

artwork - Very talented pixel artist and I love their front page! Site filled with good vibes.

Bitmap Dreams - Amazing pixel artist.

BMH Online - A nicely organized and very interesting personal home world by Brian!

Cameron's World - It's more like a universe on a single page, filled with links and old web styled graphics. A masterpiece.

FrugalGamer - An essential site to explore, very pretty graphics, resources, made with love.

Hotline Cafe - Very cool retro/vaperwave themed personal site that has some neat indie games made by the webmaster.

John Nesky Makes Things - Personal site of a Google software developer, works on games, including one of my favorite games!

Lazy Bones - This personal site is hot coffee, a bowl of soup, and warm blanket on a cold day.

Libre.Town - The website of /home/user/ - a linguistics student, the first member of the $50 Club, and active participant on the MelonLand forums and indie web community! I especially appreciate their excellent executed Unicode/ASCII titles on each page.

Lost Letters - Basically made with magic and love.

Melonking - Sometimes trying to put a feeling into words can cheapen the experience, so let me just say this: it's my favorite website on the Internet.

Nippoverse.xyz - Friend of the Onio Cafe, the Nippoverse is a wonderful kirby themed web realm.

Pencilz' Art - Super cozy and warm website by a very talented pixel artist!

Poolsuite - It's 1997 and you're rich.

Ribose - One of the first indie websites I saw. I love the way this website looks and it makes me feel smarter every time I visit. It's filled with awesome little things. Go explore.

Sadgrl.online - Their chatbox page inspired Onio Cafe. Tons of resources for site building and the link directory is A+.

Sam Brimble - Sam Brimble (a.k.a. Slams) is a graphic design student, shoegaze enthusiast and resident DJ of the Onio Cafe.

Sees - Very sweet, minimalist b&w styled personal site that I really enjoy keeping up with as it slowly grows!

Silent Suburbia - Very clean, well-organized, attractive personal website that makes me feel like I'm at home.

Simone's Computer - Very polished and entertaining "web desktop" themed personal site with a collection of links to similarly themed personal sites.

Super Pixel Quest - Wonderfully creative, interactive, animated pixel art.. comic?

Sweetfish - Personal site of graphic designer who also creates neat itch.io projects.

VM’s Numbers Station - Personal site of a professional computer engineer, featuring "experiments and journeys learning about different math & engineering topics."

Synthetic Fruits - Very shiny, like a 'holo' trading card.

Whimsical - A wonderful little pixel art site that's apparently been around since 2006 (tools used include Photoshop CS2!?!) Check out their links!

Wynn's Wonderful Pixel Paradise - Another lovely pixel art page with great little creations!

Directories and Search Engines:

404PageFound - Directory of "active vintage websites, old webpages, and web 1.0".

Curlie - "Curlie strives to be the largest human-edited directory of the Web."

Elicit - Research AI that can find relevant papers without perfect keyword match, summarize takeaways from the paper specific to your question, and extract key information from the papers.

Gossipsweb - Directory of personal sites with a nice, clean layout, has a lot of creative/experimental web projects.

Links We Like - AcidJaw's assortment of useful, fun or interesting websites found across the web, mostly tech oriented.

HrefHunt - Showcases great websites made by typically inspiring people.

Non-Profit Directory - Exactly what it sounds like - a directory of websites for non-profit organizations.

Not Made In China - A directory for finding goods not manufactured in China. More about that here.

Peelopaalu - Unsorted link collection that consists of random websites that the author finds interesting in some way.

Swurl - Search engine that returns results from Google, Google News, Wikipedia, Youtube, Google Images, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit - at the same time, on the same page.

There's an AI for that - An AI directory that made me realize just how active the AI industry has been over the past decade.

Web Life:

How to Google Like a Pro - An hour long YouTube video on improving your Google searches.

IFixIt - Tutorials for working on and fixing all sorts of electronic devices, including computers, phones, and tablets.

Internet Spring Cleaning - How to delete Instagram, Facebook and other accounts.

Taskbloom - Type in something you want to achieve, and this site breaks that goal down into actionable steps.

Web Tools, Web Design:

Awesome Neocities - A directory of tools, resources, content and services for Neocities webmasters, by Lime360!

builderof - Three.js tutorials.

Epic Online Tools - A directory of useful software and websites.

Infinite Canvas - "The infinite canvas is the foundation of a new class of apps from design tools, to code editors, and workspaces."

Inkscape - Free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

KodyTools - Over 300 web tools.

Pixelfika - Web design inspiration.

PixelSea - Lovely little archive (with search) for small gifs and web images by Melon.

Pixilart - Create and share pixel art.

Tiny Helpers - "A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers."

TinyTools - "A list of small, free, or experimental tools towards joyful digital creation."

Art Bin:

Artcyclopedia - Older website with content written about the different art movements throughout history.

Cambridge in Colour - Nice, quick, solid introductory to some of the basic technical concepts of photography.

ColorTheoriez - Neocities page with useful links to art related pages.

On Bokeh - Essay about bokeh.

Introduction to Aesthetics - A "jargon free" introduction to aesthetics.

American Society for Aesthetics

Stanford Search - This leads to all the results for documents related to aesthetics in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Rowan Search - This leads to all results for documents related to aesthetics on Rowan.edu

Oxford Search - This leads to all the results for documents related to aesthetics from Oxford.

Contemporary Aesthetics - A journal.

Disability Aesthetics - An old, shortlived, but interesting blog.

Sound and Music

David Hilowitz - Makes a lot of nice, aesthetic reviews of synthesizers. Generally audibly and visually pleasing.

BeepBox - "A surprisingly versatile online music tracker made by John Nesky."

Everynoise - Explore music through hundreds of genres. Recommend by Slams!

Lossless Test - Can audiophiles really hear the difference between lossy and lossless? Take this test to find out if you can!

Khinsider - Large library of video game OSTs available for download.

Knobs - Fantastic, high quality review videos with no voiceovers of different synths and pedals.

MidiCities - Over 150,000 midi files extracted from Geocities

Music Historian - Discover new music based on popularity, genre, and time period.

Plaza.One - Internet Vaporwave radiostation. Listen to and like songs with dozens of other live listeners.

Radio.Garden - Radio stations across the world.

Rainbowhunt - Mix peaceful weather/nature sounds together for an ideal background noise.

Stock Music - A directory of known stock music used in media - including the likes of background tracks to Spongebob.

The 51,000 Songs of Geocities.7z - This links to a direct download of 51,000 midi files extracted from Geocities, categorized by filename, which I've uploaded to Google Drive. Size is 295mb.

Web Experiments, Doo-dads, Interesting Misc. Stuff:

2017 - Neat little interactive doo-dads from 2017, by an interactive design studio.

Blob Garden - A web garden filled with blobs, including 3d models of the blobs that you can rotate and inspect.

builderof - three.js tutorial. As of writing this, the homepage background is an interactive 3d environment consisting of a forest full of bubbles...

Cake23.de - A lot of cool little interactive, mostly fluid, web experiments.

Drawing.Garden - More beautiful than popping bubble wrap.

Demo Worlds - Beautiful interactive pixel art landscapes.

Goldfishies - Digital goldfish that will compete over a food pellet that you can "drop" into the tank by clicking.

Paupowpow - Artist who uses unconventional methods of creating attractive and interesting digital art, such as Kidpix.

Pointer - Lots of mouse cursors.

Rainbowmazes - Algorithm generated mazes.

Relationship Mapper - Map out your social life, celebrity connections, or fictional characters.

Somethingorotherwhatever - Lots of little interesting doo-dads. The site has a lot of interesting content in general.

station echo - "navigate a labyrinthine transit station, with only your memory to guide you." Created by Sweetfish

three.js sketches - Very pretty, interactive sketches made with three.js.

- You control the speed and rhythm, touch pianist takes care of the rest.

Typewaiter - A typewriter that doesn't wait for you or keep up with your speed.

WebGL Fluid Experiment - Very pretty.

What color is it? - It's a clock with a background that changes color every second.

Interesting Misc. (less web focused):

1000 Awesome Things - A blog that wrote about 1,000 different things that the author thought was awesome.

DetroitYes - Old website with an online tour of the ruins of Detroit.

Earth Review - User reviews on basic features of the earth - from rainbows to dogs.

Ghost Towns - Ghost towns of America, mapped and photographed.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes - Interactive map of active volcanoes and earthquakes.

Written in Stone - A photo journal of stamps and seals left in concrete.

Web Games:

ASCIICKER - A browser game that's in the middle of development, the graphics are made up of ASCII. You can try different builds and use 'Q' and 'E' to rotate the camera.

Draw a Perfect Circle - My best was 95.5%.

Guessing Game - A guessing game where you try to guess the time period that the photo was taken in.

JSPaint - A browser clone of an old version of MS Paint (man, this brings back memories.)

Orb Farm - Fun take on the browser sandbox game where you can add organisms, fish, and plants to a little aquarium.

Sandspiel - Classic browser sandbox game that reminds me of the type of website I'd waste time on in the 2000s.

s0urce.io - Kind of like Cookie Clicker, except it's a hacking game against bots and online players, and you hack eachother for bitcoin...

Territorial - Multiplayer territory capturing click game. Very addictive for certain personalities (I can't stop playing.. I got wrapped up in a clan.. please send help.)

Lost and Found (things I've discovered and don't know how to categorize):

16color - Looking back at an old pixel art animating software and community from 1999-2004. You can still download and use the software here!

hey christina, - Not entirely sure what this page is supposed to be, but it's written like a letter to someone named Christina and the content is pretty interesting.

kraft.singles - It's a Kraft single.

Lauren Foley - Old Neocities page with interesting flashing gifs that hasn't been updated in 9 years.

That's all for now!