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Link Directories:

404PageFound - Directory of "active vintage websites, old webpages, and web 1.0".

Curlie - "Curlie strives to be the largest human-edited directory of the Web."

Gossipsweb - Directory of personal sites with a nice, clean layout, has a lot of creative/experimental web projects.

Links We Like - AcidJaw's assortment of useful, fun or interesting websites found across the web, mostly tech oriented.

HrefHunt - Showcases great websites made by typically inspiring people.

Non-Profit Directory - Exactly what it sounds like - a directory of websites for non-profit organizations.

Peelopaalu - Unsorted link collection that consists of random websites that the author finds interesting in some way.

Search Engines:

How to Google Like a Pro - An hour long YouTube video on improving your Google searches.

Swurl - Search engine that returns results from Google, Google News, Wikipedia, Youtube, Google Images, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit - at the same time, on the same page.

Privacy and Clutter:

Internet Spring Cleaning - How to delete Instagram, Facebook and other accounts.


Elicit - Research AI that can find relevant papers without perfect keyword match, summarize takeaways from the paper specific to your question, and extract key information from the papers.

There's an AI for that - An AI directory that made me realize just how active the AI industry has been over the past decade.

Misc Directories:

Not Made In China - A directory for finding goods not manufactured in China. More about that here.

Last Updated 2/6/2023