- Indicates websites added to this list in the past few months!

Art Resources

ColorTheoriez - Neocities page with useful links to art related pages.

Web Tools, Web Design:

Epic Online Tools - A directory of useful software and websites.

Infinite Canvas - "The infinite canvas is the foundation of a new class of apps from design tools, to code editors, and workspaces."

KodyTools - Over 300 web tools.

Pixelfika - Web design inspiration.

PixelSea - Lovely little archive (with search) for small gifs and web images by Melon.

Pixilart - Create and share pixel art.

Tiny Helpers - "A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers."

TinyTools - "A list of small, free, or experimental tools towards joyful digital creation."

Project Planning, Organization, Writing:

Taskbloom - Type in something you want to achieve, and this site breaks that goal down into actionable steps.


Inkscape - Free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.


IFixIt - Tutorials for working on and fixing all sorts of electronic devices, including computers, phones, and tablets.

builderof - Three.js tutorials.