- Indicates websites added to this list in the past few months!

Web Games:

ASCIICKER - A browser game that's in the middle of development, the graphics are made up of ASCII. You can try different builds and use 'Q' and 'E' to rotate the camera.

Draw a Perfect Circle - My best was 95.5%.

Guessing Game - A guessing game where you try to guess the time period that the photo was taken in.

Orb Farm - Fun take on the browser sandbox game where you can add organisms, fish, and plants to a little aquarium.

Sandspiel - Classic browser sandbox game that reminds me of the type of website I'd waste time on in the 2000s. - Kind of like Cookie Clicker, except it's a hacking game against bots and online players, and you hack eachother for bitcoin...

Territorial - Multiplayer territory capturing click game. Very addictive for certain personalities (I can't stop playing.. I got wrapped up in a clan.. please send help.)

Sound and Music

David Hilowitz - Makes a lot of nice, aesthetic reviews of synthesizers. Generally audibly and visually pleasing.

Everynoise - Explore music through hundreds of genres. Recommend by Slams!

Lossless Test - Can audiophiles really hear the difference between lossy and lossless? Take this test to find out if you can!

Knobs - Fantastic, high quality review videos with no voiceovers of different synths and pedals.

MidiCities - Over 150,000 midi files extracted from Geocities

Music Historian - Discover new music based on popularity, genre, and time period.

Radio.Garden - Radio stations across the world.

Rainbowhunt - Mix peaceful weather/nature sounds together for an ideal background noise.

Stock Music - A directory of known stock music used in media - including the likes of background tracks to Spongebob.

The 51,000 Songs of Geocities.7z - This links to a direct download of 51,000 midi files extracted from Geocities, categorized by filename, which I've uploaded to Google Drive. Size is 295mb.

Web Experiments and Doo-dads:

2017 - Neat little interactive doo-dads from 2017, by an interactive design studio.

builderof - three.js tutorial. As of writing this, the homepage background is an interactive 3d environment consisting of a forest full of bubbles... - A lot of cool little interactive, mostly fluid, web experiments.

Drawing.Garden - More beautiful than popping bubble wrap.

Demo Worlds - Beautiful interactive pixel art landscapes.

Goldfishies - Digital goldfish that will compete over a food pellet that you can "drop" into the tank by clicking.

Pointer - Lots of mouse cursors.

Somethingorotherwhatever - Lots of little interesting doo-dads. The site has a lot of interesting content in general.

three.js sketches - Very pretty, interactive sketches made with three.js.

- You control the speed and rhythm, touch pianist takes care of the rest.

Typewaiter - A typewriter that doesn't wait for you or keep up with your speed.

WebGL Fluid Experiment - Very pretty.

What color is it? - It's a clock with a background that changes color every second.


DetroitYes - Old website with an online tour of the ruins of Detroit.

Ghost Towns - Ghost towns of America, mapped and photographed.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes - Interactive map of active volcanoes and earthquakes.

Written in Stone - A photo journal of stamps and seals left in concrete.


1000 Awesome Things - A blog that wrote about 1,000 different things that the author thought was awesome.

Earth Review - User reviews on basic features of the earth - from rainbows to dogs.

Lost and Found (things I've discovered and don't know how to categorize):

16color - Looking back at an old pixel art animating software and community from 1999-2004. You can still download and use the software here!

hey christina, - Not entirely sure what this page is supposed to be, but it's written like a letter to someone named Christina and the content is pretty interesting. - It's a Kraft single.

Lauren Foley - Old Neocities page with interesting flashing gifs that hasn't been updated in 9 years. - An AI generated ..shrine?.. of Paul Blart, which I found while looking at random TLDs.

Last Updated 2/6/2023

Temporary section:

Artcyclopedia - Older website with content written about the different art movements throughout history.

Cambridge in Colour - Nice, quick, solid introductory to some of the basic technical concepts of photography.

On Bokeh - Essay about bokeh.

Introduction to Aesthetics - A "jargon free" introduction to aesthetics.

American Society for Aesthetics

Stanford Search - This leads to all the results for documents related to aesthetics in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Rowan Search - This leads to all results for documents related to aesthetics on

Oxford Search - This leads to all the results for documents related to aesthetics from Oxford.

Contemporary Aesthetics - A journal.

Disability Aesthetics - An old, shortlived, but interesting blog.