e-Cabin in the E-Woods

Lots of little new things in my life, but nothing I'll bore you with (not too sure if anyone reads these anyway!) BUT, I did want to say, even though I've been busy and not too active on here, I still check the website and the chat every day and read through the messages. Let me say, seeing all the positive messages has been a tiny slice of happiness and some peace in my increasingly busy year.

If you're new to the indie webspace and like the idea of having your own page, I encourage you to - when you have a time - make a site, put some love into it, garden it, make it what you want, something like a cabin you can escape to from time to time. This page is one of the few things I have full control over, and that's a nice thing to have during those days when life feels constraining and uncontrollable. Don't stress yourself out with it, just enjoy it, make it a place you enjoy returning to when you have the time. I'm not a programmer, nor a coder, I'm not especially tech savvy, but there are guides and inspiration all around, and to have this little slice of the web that I don't need to take too seriously and get to create for my pleasure and the enjoyment of others.. and the great messages you all leave.. I can say it was certainly worth the time :)

Hope you're all well!

- Onio