Tiny Music Studio

Well.. my friend gave me an extra computer, so I finally broke, purchased an analog synthesizer and a DAC. I busted out my old sampler and midi keyboard, an old monitor, hooked it all up, downloaded the Reaper daw, and got to work. I made some room in the kitchen corner, flipped a desk over on its side so I could fit it through the door, realized I was unable to get it back on its feet without leverage and some grip on the floor (didn't think about the lineoleum..)

And there you have my new little studio setup! I already recorded a few examples of what the hardware synth sounds like.

Volume Warning: These next files are a little loud.

This is a little melody, kind of a sine bell, and a bit of delay/reverb fx added in post:

This is dry signal, I tried to make it sound like a nasty electric substation >:):

That is all for now!