Lenticular Photography Project

I'm making progress on a photography project I haven't really talked about here. I've been wanting to make faux-holographs, or lenticular prints, for a while. I'm not sure if any of you know what lenticular prints are, but they're physical animated prints that use lenticular lenses to form different images from different angles!

Here is an example of a lenticular print (not aware of the artist):

Here is a gif kinda illustrating roughly how lenticular prints work:

Based off of some YouTube tutorials, I'm aware that lenticular prints can be 'encoded' with at least 12 frames. If I use an array of cameras and a triggerbox, I can capture as many photographs of the same subject at the same moment, limited only to the number of cameras I'm using.

I'm also a fan of long exposure portraits, where some of the portrait is sharp, and the some of the portrait is blurred from movement over a duration 10-30 seconds. Capturing this from different angles could reveal the depth of the light trails. I'm very excited!

So far I've obtained 2 trigger boxes (each triggerbox will trigger up to 6 cameras) and I have 6 usable cameras, hopefully a 7th camera soon. I also have a rail with mounts to hold the cameras and two stands with wheels that the rail rests upon.

Once I make a few test images with this method, I'll post them here!