Questions for Next Year


I saw MelonKing do this last year, and answering his own questions this year, and I really liked it.. I'm going to do the same, and hopefully be here to answer them on Jan 1., 2024!

Things on my mind:

x I wanted to be an artist and worked at it for most of my 20s. I gave up on it last year in hopes of finding a better career. Will I actually find a decent career, or even a job, that suits me?

x I have so many interests, so many things I want to try and do. Will I be able to do them all, or at least find satisfaction with the small projects I do in the meantime?

x I want to do something meaningful for me and meaningful to those around me. I miss making good work. Can I ever make a great piece of content again?

x Can I really build another audience from scratch again? I spent so much time on my last one, and now I'm separating myself from it.

x What about this website? What about the unbuilt website, the one you just spent money on hosting for? What will become of these?

x Are there any skills I'll be able to gather along the way, that will be very useful for me, that I don't have now?

x Will I ever be able to live on my own?

x It's been a year since my dad passed away and I still can't believe it. Does it get harder or easier from here?

- Onio

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