3/01/2024: Blob I - An oil painting I just made. It's for sale.

2/29/2024: Feb 2024 - I wasn't missing, I was lost (in a video game.)

1/9/2024: Waiting.mp3 - A sleepy track inspired by waiting to hear from my friend again.

1/4/2024: Questions to answer by 2025 - Just some personal questions to ask myself, and hopefully come back with some good answers at the end of the year.

12/31/2023: One Year - Looking back and answering my own questions from January 2023.

12/13/2023: Lil Song - Threw together a little track using the melody from the last post as a bassline.

11/29/2023: Lil Music Studio - Threw together a little noise production space for myself.

11/26/2023: Avoiding Limbo - Reflecting on my needs to guide my course of action

11/17/2023: Lenticular Success - First test shot I'm happy with.

11/12/2023: Lenticular Update - Another step closer to finishing the camera rig.

11/08/2023: Misc. Minor Cafe Ramblings - Details for minor plans for the website + other stuff.

10/29/2023: Lenticular Photography - Slowly obtaining the necessary gear to shoot lenticular photographs for printing.

10/6/2023: Exhaustion - Work is good, Instagram is bad.

7/11/2023: e-Cabin in the e-Woods - *insert friendly wave emoticon*

6/19/2023: Knock on doors, ask for a job. - I asked a stranger for a job and now I work inside of a Batman NASA photography lair.

6/1/2023: Internal Monologue - Do you experience an internal monologue, or think in words? Or are you incapable of thinking in words and live without that nagging voice in the back of your mind? Help me discover whether there's a connection between an internal monologue and present mindedness by filling out a survey!

5/24/2023: May 2023 - I've been M.I.A. for months! Thought I'd leave an update.

4/14/2023: Light Paintings

3/21/2023: Cascading Effects of Organizing Your life - Rome was built not by all its visitors, but by those who stayed to build it.

1/27/2023: Web Project Plans - Thinking about the websites I want to make and work on.

1/23/2023: Chat Update - Updated the chat, let me know what you think about these changes!

1/15/2023: Questions for 2024 - Just some personal thoughts on my mind at this time of my life, which I can answer a year from now.

1/13/2023: Linux Laptop Under $50 - Do you have a Chromebook that never gets used? Well, Linux is free, and you can install it on your Chromebook right now! Don't have a Chromebook? You can find one used for less than $50!

1/12/2023: AI - ChatGPT is existential crisis fuel, nbd.

1/9/2023: Connecting Thoughts - Using Kinopio to connect and visualize different thoughts and interests.

1/6/2023: Our Sonic Identities - We can recognize other people without seeing them, not by their voice, but by the other sounds they make. What do I sound like? What's my sonic identity?