This post is more of a news post than a blog post, but I don't think there's enough room to cover everything I want to say in the little news box on the front page :P I decided to pay for a few months of the upgraded chat application used on the front page of the website. It comes out to about $2 a month, in total I only spent $6, just to check it out. I definitely dig it! Here are some of the features:

Accounts: Users of the chat can register their names, so that others can't steal them.

Messaging: Message character length increased from 200 characters to 2000 characters. There is also a little audio blip noise that is played when a new message is posted, which you can mute if you desire.

Users: Chat now shows the number of online users, when a user is typing, and if you click on the online users, you can see who has been recently active!

Emotes: Not a premium feature, but I did go ahead and rip some emotes that I really liked from an old video game and added them to the chat :P

Let me know what you think of this change and if you like it!

- Onio

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