Misc. Minor Cafe Rambling

I'm here to ramble casually about some of my thoughts on the cafe, if just for myself. It seems that after a few months of inactivity with the website, and as work slows down, I'm finding myself interested in working on the cafe again.

- I'm most interested in building up the photography page. I'd like to create some graphics for it over the winter, and add a section for writing specifically about photography, so that's what I'll be focusing on to begin with.

- I've decided that the lower left container on the front page (where you see the campfire) shall be designated as the official seasonal box (hopefully a snowman in December.) Updates and "thoughts" will probably be mixed in together in the lower right corner titled "Onio's Thoughts." I don't know if it will be necessary anymore to have the thoughts button on the navigation bar and I'd like to open space to navigate to another page - though I'm not sure what that will be for yet.. The tedious part of this will be going through each page to replace the "Thoughts" link and graphic with whatever comes next. I really wish I had just created a separate element for the menu that could be called in, instead of placing the code for the menu inside each and every page. Gah! I should've started with that approach in mind, but again, I don't really know what I'm doing XD

- I want to make a section for links to artists and photographers that I really enjoy. I'm not sure it belongs in any categories in the Links page, and I don't feel like going through the effort of resizing the image buttons and creating additional graphics in photoshop for a fifth section! I think I want to add it on the Photo page somewhere.. but I'm not sure where, yet. I came across an artist whose work I really like named Dan Hays - he paints photos to oversimplify it - so I'm leaving his link here for myself to return to in the future.

- There really are so many interesting websites out there that I want to keep adding to the links section - websurfing can really be an art in and of itself. I look forward to sitting down and exploring more next month.

Other ramblings... work ends in a couple of weeks. I have an ESP32 (microcontroller) and some sensors arriving in the mail around the time. I have some weird idea for creating a "Fieldbuddy," a little computer that sits on top of my camera in the hotshoe that will serve primarily as an ambient light meter, but will also connect to my phone via bluetooth and display relevant information to any walk around shooting that I'll be doing, such as sunset/sunrise time, temperature, forecast, etc. Just information that I like to have on hand, displayed on a tiny LCD screen on my lightmeter ontop of my camera B)

My triggerbox tests were successful, I'm able to release the shutter of two cameras at the exact same time, so I've order the cables and hardware for 3 more cameras. I hope to conduct a 5 camera test shoot this weekend. If that goes well, I'll be ordering hardware and cables for an additional 2 cameras, for a total of 7. That should be enough to create some interesting animated portraiture and even lenticular prints.