Questions for 2024

Today was a difficult day for my mother. It's been two years to the day since my father passed away. I'm not sure why it hasn't hit me as strongly, perhaps it's because I don't see time (and years) as circling around back to the same place, but as a continual march further and further away from the past. Jan 4th, 2024 is not Jan 4th, 2022. There may be seasonal similarities, but I don't feel like I'm returning to the same place. I can only hope that my dad would have wanted me to be looking toward the future and not stuck in the past. Nevertheless, I think it's important for me to acknowledge the significance of the day myself. I miss my dad, a lot. He extended unconditional love and provided more support than anyone else has and may ever do so again in my life. He has witnessed my lowest lows and never gave up on me. I really believe he wanted to watch me succeed in life - he made that much very obvious - so rather than reflecting on the hardships of loss, I'd rather be thinking forward to the potential progress I can make that I know he'd be happy to see in my life. Thus, today I'm going to continue what began last year and ask my "future self" some questions that I'll hopefully be able to answer at the end of the year in December 2024.

Question 1: Will I be able to create a consistent stream of income from one of my creative projects?

Question 2: Will I be able to live on my own?

Question 3: Will I leave behind any bad habits and what good habits will I replace them with?

Question 4: Will I have my own studio space?

Question 5: Will I increase my capacity to shoulder life's stressors and hardships?

Question 6: Will I see an increase in my faith and walk further into my relationship with God?

Question 7: Will I end up more confident in my own convictions and less reliant upon the approval and opinions of others?

Question 8: Will I face at least one fear or point of resistance in my life and grow as a result of it?

I think I had 8 questions for myself last year, so I'm going to return with that same number for myself this year. I'm looking forward to seeing the answers to these at the end of the year :)